Wednesday, November 17, 2010

World's funniest 15 seconds (to me, anyway)

It starts off like just another mindless pitch, but it ends up being the funniest damned thing I've seen in a long time!  I stirred up the entire house by laughing my guts out when I saw it on HGTV for the first time earlier this evening.  And through the Miracle of Youtube, I can embed it here for all e-time! (however long that is)

Do you see the supreme artistry there??  Not only does the turkey run away, but he SCRABBLES his way around the aisle end-cap!!  It takes real creativity to know when to make a dead turkey run, but it takes true genius to make him scrabble.

Whoever conceived of this thing (a) has an exact replica of my humor gene and (b) is probably as old as I am, too.  The whole animated plucked fowl thing has, of course, been done before, most spectacularly by Peter Gabriel whose 1986 hit "Sledgehammer" is still ranked as the third-best video of all time according to VH1 (and I have to agree with their entire top array, with "Thriller" being first and "Like A Prayer" second). 

Chicken a la Pete, at minute mark three twenty five
(which is the temperature you'd cook him at, too!)
But the fact that it's been done before is part of the subtle point: it's a cultural cross-reference.  A validation of sorts for those of us who came of age when the phrase "thinking outside the box" was still fresh enough to inspire people to actually do that, as Gabriel did.

As I tucked Cayley in just now, I was still chuckling about this commercial.  She rolled her eyes and said, "Mama, that is SO two hours ago!"  That's my girl:  SO right now.

Get it??  SO??
(uh, it's the title of the referenced Gabriel album)

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