Thursday, November 18, 2010

There's no need to fear...

... Envirodog is here!
She doesn't look like a very brave anthropomorphic animal superhero, though, as she pauses beside a pile of illegal dumping.
Underdog was my absolute favorite cartoon when I was a kid.  It must have been my destiny, because - I kid you not - Underdog and I were born at the same time:  the show debuted on the TV airwaves while my mother was in labor delivering me! 
I had always intended to train Nyx to accompany me on site inspections.  She's at the point right now where she will obey well enough to do it, but the entire unprecedented industrial world scandalizes her, so she's not yet relaxed.
A deafening freight train barrels down the road as
the pinned-back ears and sullen expression say,
"I trust you and I'll sit quietly if you want,
but I'm NOT liking this..."
If I did this type of work on a near-daily basis, I would train her to sniff out contamination.  As it is, I'll be happy if she can learn her limits as an orderly sidekick, and have a little fun while she's at it.  It'll come in time.

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