Sunday, November 28, 2010

Little Red Riding Dog

We routinely shave her long wavy coat down to about two millimeters of length, because she stinks supremely if we don't.  I strip as much hair as I possibly can off that dog, so it only made sense to me that we have something on hand with which to compensate during those icy winter days when we're outside for a few hours at a time.  The shaving removes her fuzzy undercoat as well as the long hairs, so I really leave her in worse thermal condition than a naturally short-haired dog experiences.
Cayley SCREAMED at me when I suggested we get her a covering of some sort:  no clothes on the dog!  But then the reality of the situation set in, and the next day, she started BEGGING me to get one.
Red, reversible, velcro, and more easily washed than the mutt herself.
People routinely put a variety of coverings on horses - in fact, it's considered bad for the animal's health if they are not applied - so what's the big deal about a dog?  I was never intending to make a fashion statement here... just get a horse blanket-like apparatus for her.  The one above is as plain as I could find and also brightly-colored for hikes during hunting season.

Of course, the dog herself has mixed feelings about the whole idea...

...but we'll see how she feels about it during the next frost.

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