Monday, November 15, 2010

Blade maids

It's really cool to get stop-motion-ish pics like this:
Rollerblading child, so very cool, elegant,
balanced, and poised.
But this is a sight more commonly seen:

The neat part is, I only had to buy one pair of rollerblades.  One size fits us both, at least for the next little while.  We just need to take turns. 

Here's my problem, though.  Whereas I can do stuff like this on ice, ...
2008, professional-grade skates individually fitted.
...I can't do a single damned thing on rollerblades.  Cayley has the advantage of having learned in phys ed during school, but I don't have the first clue.  I have started to learn, but I forget my rules of physics - ice skating vs. rollerblading is like the difference between speaking French and Spanish, only this version of lapsing into French can get me a broken tailbone instead of just a red face.

But we're going to give them a try.  As well as having a fitness goal, I wanted to be like my hero Cesar in having one more way to exercise our dog, bottomless pit of energy that she is.  Except Cesar uses Landroller skates, which ours are not.  Well, we'll see how it goes with these.  If more than a few days go by between my posts, you can assume that at least one of us is in traction.

This, by the way, is a really fun watch:

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