Monday, November 8, 2010

One little one down, two big ones to go

The "baby" stock tank got completed today.  This one was earmarked for herbs, so it now contains two varieties of oregano, rosemary, lemon mint, sage, Indian curry plant (very hard to grow), and a hacked-off basil that's telling me it wants to come back from its root ball (here's hoping it ain't lyin').  And of course the beautiful ornamental centerpiece from Faith's Garden Shed "Naturally".  I promised Cayley before we moved here that we would plant lots of flowers.  The flowering plants are for her. 
 I'm actually in the middle of writing a step-by-step entry for other folks who might like to try stock tank gardening, so I won't repeat any of the configuration details here. 

Suffice it to say that I'm satisfyingly tired, like I actually got to use my muscles today... even this small tank required me to move about 1,500 pounds of soil and crushed rock from Point A beside our front yard to Point B, in the tank itself.  Nice workout.  Wish I could do this kind of thing every day... waitaminute, I can!  I still have about another 7,800 pounds of material to move into the other two larger tanks! 

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