Friday, November 19, 2010

From little acorns...

Remember this pathetic little pot o' nuthin'??

Well, today it looks like THIS:

I'm gonna make a sandwich out of these suckers on general principle, just to say that I DID:
I grew the lettuce, I ate the lettuce!
So it is with a hopeful heart that we observe our equally-pathetic onion slips:
Each day, Lawrence comes home from work and, with an intensity one would normally reserve for discussions about the possibility of nuclear armageddon, asks,
"Have the onions been watered?!??!?!"
They may be pathetic at this point, but they are mighty, being the famous Aggie 1015Y cultivar.  If, for even one moment of delusional insanity, you thought you knew the first damned thing about onions, this historical tour de force will set you straight. 

This is the marquee to the article linked above. 
You have to blow it up to read it, but it reveals just how seriously we take our onions around here.
Being a consummate upsider, I have decided that I need to set myself up for unconditional success on this gardening project.  For this reason, I have started doing art photography of our various vegetables.  That way, even if the plants fail before producing and I don't end up actually eating anything, I will still have undeniable proof that the one that got away was actually on the hook to start with!  (Or in this case, in the tank).
It may or may not produce anything edible,
but has anyone ever grown
a more magnificent broccoli plant?! 
I seriously doubt it!
And so it continues for us, still goin' and growin'.

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