Sunday, September 19, 2010

One in hole

Moving right along with the back-yard landscaping, I dug my first big-tree hole this morning, and it was immediately claimed by the well-camoflaged dog (maybe we shoulda named her "Gumbo").
I'll tell you what: when the time comes, that dog is getting cremated, because I ain't digging any more of these damned things than I have to.

She was so intent on remaining therein that Cayley couldn't even evict her.

However, a few well-placed shovelfuls of dirt finally convinced her to evacuate.  After the tree was planted and the hole filled in, she was genuinely morose, and she curled up on the spot with a characteristic hang-dog look on her face. 

I wonder where coyotes live in Houston?  I would imagine they'd prefer to dig dens, but every hole in this area promptly fills up with water.

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