Thursday, September 23, 2010

One and a half

Nightmare scenario: two full-time employed parents.  I just don't know how people do it and maintain ANY quality of life. 

On those rarer days when contracts obligate me to work 8 - 12 hours, everyone in this house is miserable.  No life-business gets taken care of, and we eat whatever we can find in the way of leftovers.

On days like today when I only have to work 6 hours, life's a dream.  I got done with a meeting, which was in Seabrook, went straight to the fish market and the g-store, picked up the child at her bus-transfer school, drove child and food home, went to the gym, then fired up the WeberQ and grilled onions, potatoes, a red pepper plus the shrimp.  And had beets and beans on the side, outside on the patio in the midst of a developing landscape.
Our 12-year-old friend Annie says that we "eat very exotic food".  It's actually not - unless you count simple "home made" as exotic.  Maybe one day we'll revert to a social condition in which more people will perceive domestic performance according to the value that it provides (translation: down with Domino's and its obesity-promoting ilk).

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