Thursday, September 16, 2010

From the mouths of babes

Cayley's Language Arts class is comparing utopian and dystopian fiction.  Here's a poem she wrote as an assignment today. 

I particularly enjoyed the reference to dust, because vacuuming is (shall we say) currently an unresolved issue in our house.
A Magical Place Called Earth

In the world of my imagination,
School is a fun vacation,
All animals would be cared for,
And starvation would be no more.

Nobody would try to steal,
People always came home to a warm meal.
Nature would be on our side,
And nobody in wars would have died.

In the world of my wishes,
I wouldn’t have to do the dishes,
There would be no diseases,
And no dust to cause sneezes.

No more pollution of any kind,
Everybody had a powerful mind.
My utopia would be magical and sweet,
Everyday would be a treat!

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