Friday, September 10, 2010


The "Schulstress" documentary was uploaded this morning and, following up on my last post where I describe the background and translate the summary in the blue box to the right of the video, I wish I knew the German word for "embed"...

The video will be posted for about a week at the URL below.  There's a small minute counter in the lower right hand portion of the screen, and our segment begins around minute 24.  You can actually grab the tracker and move it to whatever minute you want to see - you don't have to wait for it to play all the way through.

Lotta, lotta people interviewed for that production, and I know that Cayley will be bummed because they didn't use any of the footage that included her best friends.  But that's part of the whole media learning experience.  Again, I wish I could understand the narrative so I could get a better feel for the nuances of the presentation, but it was fun to do regardless!

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