Sunday, September 26, 2010

Full frontal!!!

It's coming!!  It's coming!!

These were the breathless thoughts of anticipation surrounding today's big event, which is depicted here in this spherical projection due north from our work-in-progress back yard:
Do you see that eerie white arc across the sky?  No, that is not a blast wave, and downtown Houston did not, in fact, implode - that's our first cold front of the season!!!
You northern folk probably don't appreciate the significance of this, but each year, we patiently wait about five terribly long months for this milestone.  Do you see how the normally-stalwart federal government actually drew the anticipated position of the front in two successive temporal positions on that map above??  Even THEY were excited about it!!  (Or maybe they just wanted people to stop calling them and asking, "Is the front here yet?!?!?")

Especially this year, with landscaping in progress, I was literally counting the hours.  I have sweated my guts out over the past couple of weeks (statistically we should have cooled down before now, so Mother Nature's timing was off, not mine).  I was more excited about the arrival of this cold front than I was about the births of the last half-dozen of my friends' babies.
(Well, not really, but you get the picture). 

I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning when I will begin ripping sod for the main planter bed for a few hours before I start work of the consulting kind.  We've planted six Italian cypress thus far, but we saved the real heavy lifting (literally) for the cooler weather which is now thankfully upon us.

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