Saturday, September 11, 2010

The G spot

We're now half way to being identified on Google Maps, which means that, to the rest of the world, we almost truly exist.  That's us, photo center:
Maybe after they get the new streets actually named, people will stop ending up in Lower Slobovia every time they try to drive over here. 

But the little orange Google Maps man still can't be made to stand on our street, which means that the nine-eyed Googlewagon hasn't come through yet. 
I've half a mind to make a cultural contribution by placing some sort of symbol in our field of view so that we become Google-enshrined for all time... like the guy who was caught allegedly robbing a house, the guy who shot up a street in Chicago, or the nude sunbathers.  Or maybe something less racy, like a dog taking a dump (gee, that would be easy to stage!). 

But really, I should assign Lawrence to the task of developing an e-immortalizing G-statement for us.  His black ops brain is far, far better suited than mine for that kind of thing.

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