Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow day

No snow arrived, but 44 roads are iced-over. We have no response equipment for snow or ice, so we just sit and wait until the stuff melts, which ought to be in another five hours or so. 

Well, MOST of us sit and wait.  Some people have tried to go out; there was one ten-car pileup on a freeway north of here around dawn, and plenty of other incidents:

Houston Transtar live road report from 0734 hours this morning.  Everywhere you see a red diamond is an accident.  Buncha people didn't get the memo, apparently.
Aaaaaand two and a half hours later,
no improvement.  One hundred wrecks in four hours, says the media.
It is AMAZINGLY quiet out there, because airports also suspended operations yesterday around mid-afternoon, and I don't know if they've resumed.  All schools are out, so even if someone wants to go to work, the kids are all stuck at home. 

Kind of an underwhelming snow day, but I think I'll go for a walk and enjoy the sound of silence.  And the sights of destruction.

Suckville as far as some of my landscaping is concerned.
There's only so much a person can cover up.

The raised gardens are all covered with 100 watt light bulbs run underneath but, after four days below freezing, I don't know if that's going to be enough to save anything.

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