Saturday, February 26, 2011

Live and let grow

There are new signs of life in the garden, PLUS, I haven't gotten my neck wrung yet.  Lawrence prefers an uncluttered landscaping look, whereas I would rather have stuff growing in every possible square inch - where plants are concerned, "uncluttered" to me means "empty".   

So at this point, in making incremental improvements to the landscaping, I have to walk the fine line of spousal approval.  Here's another addition I made last week, with the old adage in mind, "it's easier to get forgiveness than permission":
I had picked up this urn last fall on sale for about sixty-five bucks, thinking we might turn it into a fountain.  We've decided we want a more upscale fountain than this (don't know what kind yet - just know it should be more substantial), so I decided to try placing it here, between two mulch beds.  This move met with both C's and L's approval (whew!) so, voila - I have squeezed in ONE MORE space in which to grow three varieties of basil!! 

It's February, so you can see the damage done by the phenomenal cold snap of a few weeks ago.  Took the side right off the Wax Myrtle to the right.  But the Loropetalum is in bloom... a most outrageous pink form.  I didn't think they'd survive the hard freezes - you can see the damage to the leaves.
  Anyway, we have tomatoes and tomato cages and other stuff ready and it's almost time for us to excavate the lettuce and put those in... maybe next weekend. 

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