Friday, October 29, 2010

Trees, please

As soon as I saw it, my reaction was, "THAT is the one." 

It's that deciduous thing still in its bucket.
A white crape myrtle, not pink.  Including the root ball, it's thirteen feet tall.  It took two men at Bradshaw's Nursery to load it into my van, and just me to load it out and bring it round to the back yard (it's upward of 150 pounds, but I'm considerably stronger than I look). 

Yet another attempt to use the dog for scale, if only she would stay still.
They tell me that white crape myrtles grow much faster than the other varieties.  I did not know this.

What I do know is that the shadows are really long in the early mornings now; we are only about seven weeks from winter solstice, and our back yard faces north, so it bears the brunt of it.  I can't wait to see how all this landscaping looks come spring!

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