Saturday, October 16, 2010

Six months of momentary oddity

Because of <insert long, miserable, screw-the-microbusinessowner story here>, I'm still using a Palm Treo phone with a Windows Mobile operating system.  If furniture becomes an antique after 100 years, and cars attain antique status after 25 years, I think a 4-year-old cell phone is definitely a qualifier in its asset class. 

Anyway, because this technology is more than obsolete, I'm never in a hurry to download the photos that I take with it, all those photos I snap wishing I had my REAL camera with me at the time.  Then it's sorta like Christmas when I finally DO download them and see all those moments that I'd forgotten we'd experienced, like these, which hopefully offer in substance what they lack in technical quality:
Lawrence participating in a magic show in March of this year.  Notice the magician tapping the other guy on the shoulder, an act that was almost impossible to observe in real time, as he was holding the audience's attention strictly upon Lawrence with his abracadabra gestures.

Cayley and her friends at the Justin Bieber concert, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, in March of this year. After five years of kinship, these guys are so in sync that they often pull the same facial expressions without even monitoring each other.

My fish tacos in The Aquarium restaurant, Kemah, Texas.  Notice the tin-foil tails!
Art shot of Cayley grinning at a fish tank.  Oh, to have had my DSLR at that moment!!
A dead guy in the Benedictine Abbey known as Ottobeuren, near Memmingen, Germany.  That's an actual corpse in there; they had several on display, and I believe the assembly included a couple of saints. 
Canada oddity #1:  When you pay for your restaurant meal by credit card, they don't temporarily remove your card from your possession as they do in the U.S. - instead, they bring a hand-held scanner to your table.  The technology is branded by Chase, which happens to be my principal bank here in the U.S., but which does not have a banking presence in Canada, but which DOES have a major presence in the U.S., except they don't use this technology here (uh... all this makes logical sense how??)
Canada oddity #2:  Instructions on handwashing in a public restroom including pictures of the various steps, just in case you never learned this skill in your life.
Another art shot: a linear Cayley captured in a linear frame.  Cayley asked, "Why did you take that picture?!"  I replied, "Because it's a wonderful composition."

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