Monday, October 4, 2010

Dogged determination

Now that we've gotten over last week's stomach virus, work continues on the landscaping.  L and I are both getting stronger and smarter at this, which means that the pace is accelerating.  It sorta bums me out, because I feel like we'll soon run out of outdoor work to do, and outdoor work is so much more fun than indoor work of any kind!

The dog proved herself a most useful contributor in the form of a grub cleaner-upper - you can see her head down, hard at work in that photo above.  She's only 18 months old, which means that many phenomena are still new and unprecedented to her.  You could see the lightbulb come on as she realized, "Damn, these things taste pretty good!!" 

Cayley said, "GROSS!"  I replied, "There's probably more nutrition in those than in that junk that comes out of the bags and cans we buy.

Maybe after we get this stuff done, I'll actually put in the small vegetable garden that I've wanted for years now.

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