Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scenes from a Sunday

Texas Wax Myrtle remained in twilight... the first rays of sunrise caught Nyx snuggling into a bed of new mulch... to Loropetalum coated with the morning dew.

We've only got a few hours of work left on the main landscaping, which means I'm adding new projects.  The 800-square-foot garage made our house unusually wide and, unfortunately, the house adjacent-west is a two-story that towers over our comparatively-humble rambler.  This left Cayley with a stark, ugly view of the fence just five feet from her window, plus the imposing McMansion behind it. 

So I'm hoping that I can get this trio of vines to climb and thrive in this inter-house swale. Cay wanted some flowers here, but we can't install anything that blocks the gate access.  This vine puts out a pretty purple flower, so if they can be encouraged to live here, they should improve the view considerably by giving it a bit of courtyard-ish feel. 

And hurray for Houston Garden Center and their continuing 70% off sale - this little vine job cost me all of thirty bucks. 

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