Thursday, April 28, 2011

Room with a chew (or two)

We are hard at work on a major addition to our outdoor room and I will soon have neat-o pics of that.

As we are absorbed in that fun-filled task, there are reminders around us that the universe is continuing to unfold on its own terms, which may not always be the ones we'd hope for, but some of it is running in a definite theme groove here.  For instance, as soon as I saw this scene below, I said to myself, "Uh oh... Sir Lawee the Duke of Arlington is not going to be pleased..."
CHOMP!!!  Raccoon?  Opossum?  I'd guess the omnivorous latter.  But I can't figure out how it managed to get into the yard.  Musta climbed the fence (possums are excellent climbers) because nothing has tunneled underneath.
This is what I get for being so caught up in room-building that I forget to harvest the tomatoes.
And then along analogous lines, there's the issue of our dog, not one iota reformed in her mandibular ways even after her near-death chew-fest fallout:
No kidding - this is not a staged photo.
One of my work gloves landed on the ground and within about three minutes, she had eaten (not just chewed) four of its five fingers, curiously leaving just The Impolite Finger, perhaps as a way of saying "F*ck y'all and f*ck death, too - I'm gonna eat poisonous sagos and everything else I put my mouth to!"
Anyway, with that, I must leave you biting your nails in anticipation of what all the outdoor room fuss might be about.

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