Monday, April 25, 2011

Rock on (literally)!

Have I mentioned that, after 25 years of mostly banging away at a computer for a living, I'd sometimes like to shoot myself from sheer boredom?! 

I'm SICK of this chair. 

I want to go OUTSIDE.

I want to work with my BODY, not just my brain.  Smell the fresh air.  Feel the sun. 

To stave off this despair and madness, I'm continuing to indulge the yard-building hobby, as these scenes from this afternoon attest. 
Big truck, pallets of material, but NOT for the build-house next door to us, for which bricks were previously staged. 
We DID figure we better get our landscape stuff mostly done while the neighborhood is still completely torn up.  Seriously, with all the construction going on, the entire place looks like Beirut on a bad day.  Nobody is going to by offended by our little corner of DIY mess. 
One of those cool little three-wheeler forks that piggyback on the Kenworth for deliveries of just this kind. 
And nothing says AL'S EXERCISE POTENTIAL quite like yet another seven thousand pounds of chopped sandstone and gravel!
Part of this will go into our fountain / waterscape construction, but part will be used for raised bed landscaping. 
Until I run outa rock, at least!

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