Friday, April 29, 2011

Precedents public and private

How auspicious for the British royal couple that they were wed today in the very London abbey where I once nursed my little girl!!
Do you see the woman in the large turquoise hat near the lower right corner?  That's where we sat.
Souvenir from our baby book.
We didn't set out with the intention of nursing in that amazing place, but a baby's gotta eat when a baby's gotta eat, and so that's what happened. 

And of all my memories of England, that's definitely my favorite - the old-world embrace of natural maternity.  Whereas so many Americans become uncomfortable or upset at the sight of a nursing mother, Europeans don't even bat an eyelash at that which is such a vital part of the Natural Order of Things.  I've long since stopped nursing, but I still miss the healthier attitudes toward that and other aspects of human sexuality and reproduction.  Long live the Queen and her throne ascendants!!

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