Saturday, March 5, 2011

A job especially well done!

QUESTION:  What do all of these educational institutions have in common?
  1. Dallas Independent School District (ISD; multiple subsites)
  2. Kentucky Department of Education
  3. Boston University
  4. Amarillo Region 16 Education Service Center
  5. Arlington ISD
  6. Plano ISD
  7. St. Johns School
  8. Collin County Community College District
  9. Trinity University
  10. Texas Tech University (multiple subsites)
  11. Spring ISD
  12. Hanover College (Indiana)
  13. New York City Public Schools
  14. Center ISD
  15. Lampasas ISD
  16. Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board (Ontario)
  17. Jefferson County Board of Education (Alabama)
  18. University of Kansas
  19. Austin ISD
  20. Fairfax County Public Schools (Virginia)
  21. School District of South Milwaukee
  22. Incarnate Word College
  23. Grand Valley State University (Michigan)
  24. Missouri University of Science and Technology
  25. University of Colorado Denver
  26. Region 18 Education Service Center (Monahans, Texas)
  27. Washington School Information Processing Cooperative (DC)

 ANSWER:  They all have users who have accessed Cayley's mammoth tooth informational page within the past three months.

The truth about the tooth:
  • That's a list of just the standalone self-identifying educational systems (not educational users piggybacking on commercial carriers)
  • Just within the past three months
  • Accessing an informational page that is two years old.
*** WOW! ***

I stuck a Statcounter on that page a long time ago, not really expecting anything noteworthy to be revealed by it.   I accessed the results of that counting for the first time just a few days ago, after noticing that the page hits have curiously continued to climb even after all this time (shouldn't this story have become stale news a long time ago??). 

Because I use the free version of Statcounter, it saves only limited info, and there's only so far I can look back - nowhere near the last couple of years.  But even the results for the last couple of MONTHS are amazing to me.

The only explanation I can find is that the URL must have been more widely rebroadcast than I was aware of.  Either that or the widespread traffic was stimulated by the ABC news coverage, which on a hit-basis has put Cay in Google's pole position for this topic (even more popular than a similarly-themed NatGeo post!):

We all like to hope that we will be able to do something in our lives that leaves some kind of lasting positive contribution to humanity, however small that positive impression may be. 

I wonder if perhaps we actually accomplished that with the mammoth tooth story.  If so, then I'm very happy, because we could not have picked a better set of values to promote:  the importance of children, the power of science, the wonders of the world right under our noses, and the value that can come from an active lifestyle that includes a healthy dose of unconventional exploration (thinking outside the American consumer box).

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