Tuesday, March 22, 2011


That's a funny acronym in the title, isn't it??  Almost looks like a belch - "Brrrrrp!!" 

But really it stands for Big Bend Ranch State Park, which is where the Lawral subcomponent of Caylawral journeyed last week. 
View looking across the Chihuahuan desert
from the Cinco Tinajas trail.
I must do a travelogue of this one, but I thought I'd burp up a few pics here to start with. 

My favorite pic of the trip:
Nyx in Closed Canyon,
waiting patiently for me to catch up,
like the good (Australian) shepherd that she is.
On the subject of those travelogues, people usually respond with something like, "They are absolutely stunning - but how do you find the TIME to make them?!"

I reply, "Well, if you notice, I only do one or two each year!!!"

Anyway, here's two thirds of this year's backcountry team:
It was abnormally hot, 100 degrees F in the shade, and Lawrence served as Nyx's water valet, hand-carrying her blue bowl down the canyon, for the frequency of water stops.  Despite the substantial environmental stresses, she looks like a happy dog, doesn't she??  She was an EXCELLENT trail animal, taking to both her backpack and the demands of the trip with aplomb.
Now journeying through the fourth year of our relationship, Lawrence and I are evolving out of the self-absorption that characterizes every new relationship, and instead we are experiencing the natural inclination to be more inclusive in our activities.  While it is certainly still necessary and enjoyable to spend some "alone time", we really missed Cayley on this trip (she was in Hawaii with her bio-Dad). 

Initially we didn't know whether or not the dog would adapt well to the demanding travel circumstances that characterize our west-Texas wanderings, but she did, and we were glad to have her along - she helped fill a void.  As we were en route back to Houston, my summary lament was, "Well, we just had this wonderful bonding experience with the dog, but I really would have preferred a wonderful bonding experience with the child."  So we know what our goal is for our next camping trip.  And in the meantime, stay tuned for the travelogue on this one.
L showing off canyon-walking skills gained from a winter's worth of working out.

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