Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In the same vein (or stoma)

QUESTION:  What do all of the following cities have in common?
  1. Corona, CA
  2. Escondido, CA
  3. Tucson, AZ
  4. Grand Prairie, TX
  5. Manorville, NY
  6. Oklahoma City, OK
  7. South Jordan, UT
  8. Boulder, CO
  9. Fort Pierce, FL
  10. Temple, TX
  11. Beaverton, OR
  12. Portland, OR
  13. Seattle, WA (multiple)
  14. Atlanta, GA
ANSWER:  They are all home to users who accessed my main stock tank garden post within the past FIVE DAYS.
Although not quite as popular as Cayley's mammoth page, I DID manage to secure myself a spot on the first page of Google results for that particular garden-related search string. 
I have a collection of objectives in creating both of the blogs that I now write, and one of those objectives is to help others in whatever small ways I can.  It's good to be of use to people, so I'm glad to see that my hard-won gardening information is being accessed.  

I leave you with a couple of hot-off-the-presses pics of those widely-clicked gardens:

December 22, 2010:
Broccoli with 12-year-old for scale.
March 8, 2011:
Which matured faster,
the broccoli (now in flower),
or the child (also now in flower)?
She's still 12 years old,
but is now going on 20.
Black bee in broccoli blooms.
We DID eat some of the crowns,
but I'm enjoying all these bonus flowers
as much as the feed.
Honey bee on broccoli blooms.
Glad I could be of use to these winged guys
as well as the fellow gardeners out there.

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