Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cay-nine communi-Cay-tor

When I mentioned to a family member that we were facing some dog discipline challenges, she said, "Try rolling her onto her back to teach submission."

This made me laugh. 
We can't get her OFF her back.

"What was that you said? 
I shouldn't chew things
that don't belong to me?! 
You're kidding, right?!?"

The two star-crossed lovers
gazed intently into each others' eyes,
until the younger one said...

..."Feel free to count my nipples -
I sure as hell won't be
needing them for anything!"

..."but waitaminute -
you can't leave me now!"
("Hmmm, maybe if I nudge her lovingly
in the ribs, she'll get the message...")

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