Saturday, July 23, 2011

Some shooting shots

Lawrence said, "This is you, happily blowing that guy's head off."
This is Lawrence:
My 5-year-old cell phone is not capable
of taking very good pics.
This is one of Lawrence's targets after shooting:
This was with a .22 designed for target practice.
Designed for ease of use.
Any questions?

This was the most popular T-shirt in the store, which was Top Gun Range of Texas, where I took my CHL classes about six years ago:
Some in my native land may not
understand this mentality.
Try living through
the largest evacuation in American history -
 THEN you'll understand perfectly.
Lest We Forget:
A small fraction of the three million people who
vainly attempted to flee Hurricane Rita in 2005.
And actually, our range outing this morning reminded me of a magazine I saw recently in my barber's waiting room, which I also snapped a pic of with my crummy phone:
I MMS'd this shot to Lawrence and he replied, "Are you kidding me?!  Is there an actual magazine with a name like that, or is that a fake photo?!"

No, it's real.  I guess there's a fair number of other folks out there who also enjoy the duality of creating some stuff and blowing other stuff up.  And oh, incidentally?  Their tag line seems to be "Soul of the South".

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