Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's a dog's life

General demeanor of Guava while being tortured by children (no sound with this video because I'm currently limping along with a fairly neat phone, the HTC Trophy, which unfortunately is rendered all but useless by Microsoft's corresponding Zune software and its fatal sync error, meaning I get video but no sound, and no JPG syncing at all):
Cay was cooing this morning (with respect to the dogs), "These are my children.  I've got a boy, and a girl."

She does for the moment, at least, as we continue to look for a home for this mild-mannered and highly tolerant pup.
We can dance, but we can't sync.
La la la...
Once you fail to sync with Zune, it's Game Over, because Windows Phone doesn't provide you with any other alternative.  It's back to the Verizon store, and my Droid should be FEDEX'd to me by Tuesday.

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