Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Invoke the iron bridge

Here's one for anyone who believes that dogs should NOT wear clothing:
A thousand words:
The face of abject misery.
(pic by Cayley)
Not only SHOULD a shaved dog wear clothing, it should wear a lot more than this little cape when temperatures approach the freezing point.  I shoulda gotten her a snowsuit.  It wasn't even below freezing and the both of us were outside working on Cayley's science project... the bundled-up humans did quite well, but we had to take the dog inside before she ended up comatose from hypothermia.

But no, I won't stop shaving her.  Not when she's inside the house 22 hours per day.  Better to control the stink with shaving and bathing and find better clothes for those rare Houston days when hell freezes over like it has this week.

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