Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pubescent precipice

Cayley turned 12 years old today, and we celebrated in our usual family fashion by going to Abe's Cajun Market, which has really good cakes and pies (if you like that kind of thing).

I had gotten that candle in Bavaria earlier this year.  You'd think that every consumer good that exists in the world is for sale in America (did you know that each Walmart store can carry up to 140,000 items?!), but it's not so.  If you want really cool hand-made artsy birthday candles, apparently you have to go to a store like this in Germany for that.

So she's technically not a teenager until next year, but for all intents and purposes, we feel like we've entered the teenage abyss already. 

Mother Teresa would have been 100 years old today and sometimes I feel like I will need her patience to raise a teen.  Not that it's Cayley's fault - it's just the intrinsic nature of the season.   And I have no doubt that, no matter how many screwed-up days we endure, as a team we will emerge stronger than ever on the other end.  Happy birthday, chinnamma sweetheart!

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