Sunday, August 22, 2010


'Tis the season to get nursery plants on sale, especially when one has a newly-sodded yard completely devoid of landscaping.  I waited two months for a certain trio of six-foot Pride of Houston yaupon hollies to come on sale, and - yay - got them today for 75% off original price.  This is a cultivar of an indestructible native species that appeals to my desire for things Houston and sustainable. / US Fish & Wildlife Service

The latin name for this species is Ilex vomitoria, so named because a Native American ceremonial tea made from their leaves was erroneously believed by early European settlers to cause vomiting.  There's a clever joke in here somewhere, but I'm so exhausted from struggling to pack all three of the massive things into the minivan in a 102-degree heat index that I can't think of it.

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