Monday, June 21, 2010


At high noon on summer solstice, a shaft of sunlight penetrates our long-tube skylight, reflects off the polished granite countertop, and hits the exact center of the main structural member between the kitchen and living / dining rooms. 

 At first I wondered if perhaps this were a little unadvertized granola-head architectural special, given that the designers of this house are a couple of "skinny boys" from UT Austin and would probably have had it in them to spatialize sunlight effects at about 30 degrees north latitude. 

But then I thought no, likely not.  This house was designed in 2002 but then retrofit in 2010 in order to conform to the 2006 hurricane code recently adopted by our city.  The skylight was one of those features that underwent significant design alteration.  So this is just a random thing.   But here for reference is a snippet on the REAL event:

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