Sunday, January 8, 2012

First cauliflower: In honor of a cousin

Did you know that many cauliflower variants are naturally purple, and that growers blanche them (keep the heads white) by tying the leaves over the top so that no sunlight can reach down to activate the antioxidant that prompts the color to emerge?  

Harvested today this BIG sucker from our quasi-world-famous stock tank gardens.
I always do a comemmorative blog post every time a new vegetable species is sacrificed for the table.
BTW, purple-plus-green is my favorite color combination. This is pretty obvious from the way I've structured this blog.
Underside.  This doesn't even look like something humans should eat.  It looks like brain coral or something.
Here's something weird:  this is an organic F1 hybrid, which also goes by the name of "grafitti cauliflower", presumably because it's the color of some acid-inspired spray paint.  But when I went to Google "F1 cauliflower", this is the first image I retrieved:

Few people realize just how rare that name is in our culture, yet how much it means to Cayley's family personally. 
Anyway, here's my recommendation for cooking home-grown cauli, at least, in those instances where it is not turned into aloo gobi:
Toss chopped florets with virgin olive oil, minced garlic, and the finest-quality Reggiano cheese in proportions to your taste.  Bake about 30 minutes.  It's simple but fantastic!!!!!

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