Friday, June 10, 2011

Well, THAT was brilliant

Given that we are in our annual Mean Season of weather, and it's now too hot out to plant many vegetables, I figured maybe I'd try my hand at sunflowers - they don't mind the heat and they're yet another on the long list of things I've never tried to grow before.

So I scattered some seeds in the onion stock tank, and then culled the resulting sprouts down to three - one for each of us.  Little did I know that the tallest sunflower, the one we named Lawee, would grow to be nine feet two inches tall!  And it's in an elevated stock tank to start with, so here's where the bloom ends up:
Lacking proper skyhooks, I had to risk my damned life just to get this crummy shot of the bloom:
Juuuust starting to open...
WHAT IS UP (pun fully intended!) with a NINE FOOT sunflower??  I thought these things were supposed to grow to be about six feet tall?  I didn't see anything advertising "bionic sunflower" when I bought the seeds.  It was just an ordinary $1.99 organic seed packet from good ol' Walmart.

Note to self:  Next year, they go into the ground, not the tanks.  Or maybe I should first dig a partial hole to China for them.

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