Monday, December 27, 2010

Terrific touche'

In my Christmas Day post, I explained the following regarding the fact that Cayley is perfect:

Sure, I let [Cayley] know about the little mistakes that she makes (like leaving her dirty socks on the couch and not picking up the dog poop from the back yard), and she still has lots to learn as she grows up, but that stuff does not make her imperfect - it just means that she's young!

So yesterday as we were loading the car for a rare overnight trip to her father's house, she scolded me for locking the front door before she'd had a chance to retrieve her precious iPad, locking it after she had apparently told me she needed to go back in. 
My response was... whatever... and I explained that I actively try to keep my brain uncluttered, so I don't necessarily internalize every single comment that gets directed my way.  No big deal, just re-open the door and fetch the iPad.
When she climbed back into the car, she looked at me with a wicked gleam in her eye and said, "Just because you forget things and don't always listen to me, it does not make you imperfect - it just means that you're old!"

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