Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A doozie of a Natuzzi

In building the antithesis of a McMansion, we were well aware that some of the savings associated with a lower square footage were going to be offset by the costs of making every square foot count.  Nowhere has this been more true than with respect to our guest room.  We couldn't put a conventional bed in there, because there wasn't enough space - it must double as the exercise room.   Therefore, we needed either a Murphy bed or a sofa bed. 

The Murphy bed concept doesn't appeal to me because they are wildly expensive and they just do one thing - be a bed (lowest possible furniture versatility).  So, sofa bed seemed like the way to go. 

Except that anyone who has ever slept on a sofa bed has a story of torture to tell - most of them are AWFUL, universally painful, like sleeping on a pile of rocks. 

But fortunately for our future guests, we fell in love with this contemporary leather work of art created by the Italian company Natuzzi.  Take a look at the elegantly-simple engineering that went into this thing:

There are no seat cushions to remove and trip over prior to unfolding the mattress.  There are no detachable parts at all.  It IS heavy - but that's because it's robustly constructed - the quality vastly outstripped everything else we looked at (as did the price!).  The mattress is some kind of Tempurpedic-like stuff.  It's comfortable, simple, and solid enough to use as an everyday bed - it's REALLY COMFORTABLE and it's a SOFA BED!!  It takes 15 seconds to set up.  No hassle, no wasted time. 

Except now we're in the curious position of having a 12-year-old shabby couch in our living room, while the Cadillac of all the world's couches will sit in the extra bedroom mostly gathering dust.  Lawrence and I are jonesing to instead put the Natuzzi where we can enjoy it every day, but Cayley will not hear of that.  The old green couch in the living room was bought in conjunction with the occasion of her birth, and she wants us to replace it "only after I've graduated from university" (gulp!).

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